We sell holiday/vacation homes in nature reserves, fringed by South African Wildlife. Commenced business in 1994... trusted by buyers from around the globe!

Enhance Selling Real Estate Property

enhance selling real estate propertyEnhance selling real estate property by 80%… “If your property is exclusively exposed, chances are people will call first. It’s that simple.” Wildlife Property offers extensively more exposure for Sole Mandates, then we do to Open Mandates… therefore enhancing your chances by 80% of selling earlier.

Our service is completely free!

We also offer some extra’s that are not normally included in open mandates, such as, we display the location of the property with an electronic surveyors mapping system, based on the co-ordinates of the area! This represents a great sales tool, as people wish to know exactly where the geographical location and beacon coordinates of a property are, in which they have shown an interest

Featured properties

Our Featured Properties, as are displayed on the Wildlife Property home page, are Sole Mandate properties that rotate every time the home page is activated. Your property will be exposed and viewed by many people from all over the globe. We offer an exclusive Sole Mandate hotline, for all web visitors interested in a Sole Mandate offer. Our representatives will discuss with interested buyers all their needs!

Want your property for ‘Sale or Sold’?

Want your property for ‘Sale or Sold’?…We embrace the philosophy; “Customers don’t want ¼ inch drill bits… they want ¼ inch holes.” The person who sells ¼ inch drills bits often thinks that the customer’s sole purpose is to buy quality and price wise the best drill bit existing. However, the customer wants to get a job done… you want to have your property sold! Discover peace of mind, by signing up today for your risk-free Sole Mandate listing.

Enhance selling real estate property!

Enter your property details by clicking on Sellmy property!  When selling a property, there are many things that can be done to maximise the selling price;                                                                                   

  1. Value… Marketability..
  2. Market value vs replacement Value

Enhance selling real estate property




Wildlife Property

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