Olive Grove Bushveld Splendour

PRICE : R4 800 000 – Full title, serviced land;  Including VAT and transfer costs

Constitution of Mountainland’s Game Reserve

From left: Both the eastern and northern views shown here overlook the canopy of the nearby riverine forest.

Olive Grove bushveld splendour | first of all, and most important. Mountainlan’s Private Game Reserve is allowing prospective investors to purchase residential wildlife stands within the reserve. Selective at this point by choice, from eighteen set aside allotted stands within the Mountainland’s game reserve. Most importantly, these are highly exclusive private residential stands, where in the same vein, one can build a private game lodge or holiday home. Olive Grove bushveld splendour, in turn, additionally offers peace of mind and full title ownership. Above all, professionally and intensively managed. In a lucrative ‘Mountainland’s’ property portfolio within an immense wilderness and countenanced area.

Wildlife Property” to the contrary, to clarify our purpose in business. In conclusion, Olive Grove will heal buyers aspiring wildlife desires and ultimately solve their inherent obstacles. Above all, by assisting wildlife enthusiasts in reaching their goals and introducing them to eye-catching exotic wildlife splendour bushveld entities.

Mountainland’s management to point out exact details of the layout.

‘Olive Grove’ Site Layout.

Olive Grove Site Layout pointing out the boundaries!

‘Olive Grove’ site location Map!

Mountainland’s Reserve Stand Designations

Google map identifying ‘Olive Grove’ property site,’ whereabout’s on the map.

Ancient Crove Vacant Stand

‘Mountainland’s Game Reserve’.

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