A family wildlife getaway dream

A family wildlife getaway dream: This beautiful getaway property features five getaway cottages, plus a communal kitchen and leisure premises! The owners have, due to reaching the later part of normal life, decided to sell their family vacation home within Sabiepark. Which they have adored and treasured for many, many years! They are now due for permanent coastal retirement. For several reasons, purchasing this golden entity by all means ‘will be remarkable’. This purchase will undoubtedly be an excellent ‘futuristic financial investment’—most importantly, it will provide and enhance your family’s future ‘getaway dreams’ for many golden getaways away from the hustle and bustle of modern society.

Family Getaway Cottage Number One
Family Getaway Cottage Number One!

A family wildlife getaway dream

Sabiepark Private Game Reserve is truly a well-known ‘family getaway utopia’. This beautiful entity simultaneously borders both the Sabie River and the world-famous Kruger National Park. Its entrance gate is approximately 1.5 kilometres from Kruger National Park’s ‘Paul Kruger’s entrance gate. Furthermore, when travelling east from Hazyview on the R536 tar road towards Kruger Park, the entrance gate is on the right side of the road. Above all, visitors arriving from ‘overseas or from Johannesburg’ who wish to fly in could land at Skukuza Airport within the Kruger National Park after a relatively short flight time of one hour. In addition, several well-known 24-hour vehicle rental companies are available at the airport. Above all, once you arrive at the airport, you are only 11.5 km from Sabiepark.

                        Getaway Cottages                         

Family getaway layout of cottages and communal centre
The family getaway layout of cottages within the communal centre

In total, there are five ‘family getaway’ cottages, each with either two or three bedrooms. In addition, a relatively large communal recreational facility sits on the site—a lush green residential settlement of 0.7202 square metres in extent. In addition, as a bonus, the property is close to the Sabie River. Favourably known as the ‘Pic-Nic Spot’. The advantage is a shared boundary with the world-renowned Kruger National Park, along the Sabie River and within the Sabie Park Private Game Reserve.                                                                                                                                                                                                                

family getaway communal centre
Family Getaway Community Centre

The Community Centre!

In conclusion, one of the main attractions when considering the beauty of this lovely ‘family getaway’ is its low cost. (Click on the image to enlarge.) These premises present a community centre for families, groups, and friends. To get together in a particular area to enjoy themselves while on vacation. The inner area comprises a fully equipped kitchen and a lounge area, including a table tennis play area.


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Wildlife Getaway lioness stalking Impala at picnic spot
Wildlife Getaway lioness stalking Impala at the picnic spot

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