Sabie Park Getaway Stand

Property type: Sabie Park getaway stand

The space

  • Land Size: 6829 M 2


  • Beautiful geographic setting
  • Magnificent Bush Views


<alt="Zebra drinking water in Sabiepark">
Zebra drinking water in Sabiepark

Getaway vacant stand



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Sabie Park Getaway Stand | Do you have an inner urge to spend quality time preserving and caring for fellow creatures on our planet?. If that be the case, unknowingly, you have come to the right place to inspire and give back to mother earth the caring she rightfully deserves. We present a large ‘Prime’ 6,828 square metres vacant residential stand within a preferential wildlife bush area in Sabiepark. You and other people like yourself shall no doubt confidently raise a hand to purchase.

Prime Getaway Vacant Stand

<alt="Yellow-Billed Hornbill as seen in the African bush">
Yellow-Billed Hornbill as seen in the African bush

Additionally, this beautiful “vacant stand” locates amongst extremely tall indigenous trees, wildlife shrubs and grass surroundings. The sizeable ‘prime getaway’ stand measurement facilitates many impressive futuristic suitable areas of choice to build on. Of late, new homes built within Sabiepark are primarily modern in structure. They deploy practical and effective solar power for electricity. Last but not least, this ‘prime stand’ has usage of fresh clean purified water. extracted from the Sabie River utilised throughout Sabiepark. Modern new house trends previously not approved now blend in with mother nature.


Prime Getaway Vacant Stand

<alt="Kruger Park 'Shalati' Train Bridge Lodge Skukuza">
Kruger Park ‘Shalati’ Train Bridge Lodge (Skukuza)

‘Sabie Park Private Nature Reserve’, locates on the ‘Western’ boundary of the Kruger National Park. With a dense mystic animal rich ‘Sabie River’ as their common fenced boundary. The above  ‘getaway’ mentioned geographic location also serves as access to the famous Kruger National Park. Using a bridge over the Sabie River into the Kruger Park, called the Paul Kruger gate entrance. Owners or visiting guests to Sabie Park may, besides road access, also choose the luxury of flying into Skukuza Airport, a mere 11 kilometres from the Sabie Park entrance gate. Car-higher at the airport is available.




Sabie Park is renowned for its hospitality, neatness, and exclusive beautiful wildlife location, ensuring privacy and interaction for visitors throughout their momentous stay within nature. There are no carnivore animals within Sabie Park. For this reason, family and friends are welcome to walk on gravel roadways within Sabie Park to reconnect and become one with this ‘prime getaway’ of mother nature. It is also quite a phenomenon not to spot owners houses within Sabie Park whilst driving or walking. Especially during summer times, as property sizes are mostly 1 hectare plus in extent. As a norm, ‘Prime Getaway’ holiday homes within Sabie Park are to be found surrounded by ‘indigenous’ African bush!

Attributes within Sabie Park

For getaway owners and visitors just wanting to laze about Sabie Park, there is much to offer, such as a prime beautiful chlorinated swimming pool, tennis court, library and a ‘must to visit’ The! ‘getaway prime’ picnic spot down by the Sabie River. It is here that on any given day, you will experience being able to safely view one if not all of the so-called ‘Big Five’ of Africa.

Wildlife Animals

Sabie Park is also home to several wildlife animals such as Waterbuck, Wildebeest, Giraffe, Nyala, Impala and Kudu, ‘Sable Antelope’ (New), naming but a few. Lastly, to set your mind at ease, being so close to the Kruger National Park. Sabie Park is fenced in with an electric fence and patrolled daily, ensuring a getaway vacant safety in a wildlife atmosphere exposed to during your present or future visits.

A ‘must to visit’ picnic spot at Sabie Park

You Are On The North East Border Of The Kruger Park!

<alt="Getaway Guest House Overlooking River">
Getaway Guest House Overlooking River

Olifants Rest Camp Kruger Park

<alt="Kruger Park Camp View On Olifants River">
   View of Olifants River From Camp House

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Guests that visit Olifants Rest Camp will be exposed to an unforgettable window of Africa.

The camp is situated a top a hill which towers several hundred feet over the Olifants River. Views from the lookout platforms allow one to see the river below, just as a soaring eagle would survey it, as it hunts from the skies.

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5 Animal’s To Track!

  1. Elephant
  2. Lion
  3. Hippopotamus
  4. Nile Crocodile
  5. Martial Eagle

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Sabie Park Leopard resting yet alert!   OUR CONTACT DETAILS JULIAN@WILDLIFEPROPERTY.CO.ZA +27 (0) 83 400 8490 Sabie Park Getaway Property Sales Sabie Park Property Sales | Hi, I am Julian vd Westhuizen, self-employed selling ‘Getaway residential properties’ within residential wildlife reserves in South Africa. I have a commercial banking background and a sound knowledge of the mortgage and transfer procedures. In addition, I have been active in real estate since 1994. My Company’s name is ‘Wildlife Property On The Go’. I consider myself approachable, friendly and trustworthy—most important, an ‘Authoritative Sabie Park Real Estate Agent’. In addition, I also attend property valuations within Sabie Park. Being close to nature is my passion. Similarly, I put all my heart and soul into ‘Getaway Property Sales’ within ‘wildlife reserves’ bordering the Kruger National Park. Indeed, South Africa has it all, blessed with beautiful wildlife getaway game reserves.  

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