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  • Adequate solar system installed.
  • Solar light amenities.


Sabie Park Solar Sales: If you’re investing in solar power to add to the value of your home, make sure that you own the equipment outright. If you’ve opted for the ‘rent-to-own’ (and haven’t completed the contract) or solar subscription option, the new owner will have to carry the costs of the contract.

Sabie Park Solar Sales

Size of Installation!

Take the size of the installation into account! The more solar panels on your roof, the more electricity can be generated. Plus, the circumstances below put one in a more favorable and superior position.

  1. Renewable Energy Source! Solar versatile energy, without any doubt, is indeed a renewable ‘energy’ source.

  2. Solar Energy. A solar system will ‘certainly’ reduce your electricity payments. 
  3. Creating Home Value! Installing solar panels on your getaway home will increase your home’s equity when you sell it.

  4. Sabie Park Solar Power Outages? Rest assured, Solar energy will keep essential devices running off-grid!

  5. Make sure that you purchase a hybrid solution. A hybrid system consists of solar panels, such as a smart inverter device, and a battery. The battery is what keeps your electricity running during load-shedding. Using the power generated from the solar panels during non-load-shedding periods

Further More!

Choose a reputable service provider. Make sure that your provider is accredited, uses the highest quality materials to increase their lifespan, and offers a warranty should something go wrong.

Finally, remember that location is key. If your roof is constantly in shade, the solar panels will receive very little sunlight to generate electricity. For this reason, a costly installation is essentially useless. In this instant, if possible, raise your solar panels above shady trees that obscure the sun’s rays!

Solar power has great potential. To significantly increase the selling potential of your home. However, all factors must be considered to maximize your return on your investment, including whether you can recoup the investment costs in your eventual selling price.


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