Sabie Park Treasure Trove Sabie Park Nature Reserve

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  • Land Size: 8991 M 2


  • A getaway treasure trove!
  • Beautiful geographic setting
  • Magnificent Bush Views
  • Sabie Park Prime Location



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Sabie Park recreational pool area.

A ‘Sabie Park Treasure Trove investment’, even on a tiny scale. It remains a tried and true means of building up an individual’s cash flow in wealth, as quoted by a certain ‘Mr Robert Kiyosaki’. Indeed we do offer a unique ‘Treasure Trove’ vacant stand. Most importantly, adding to the above wise words of Mr Kiyosaki.

Indeed a hidden family treasure trove. Within this magnificent suburb location. It is the envy of many prospected treasure seekers! Gracefully tucked away within Sabie Park Private Game Reserve. You will find this 8991 sqm investment in the dense wild African bush.

Surrounded by thick unspoiled bush, this entity is the perfect hideaway. Furthermore, should the existence thereof be known? You would eagerly wish to lay their hands thereon. In the same vein, when seeking peace and tranquillity whilst building your own private getaway holiday home! Within the splendour of Sabie Park Game Reserve.

Sabie Park Treasure Trove

Sabie Park Treasure Trove, living in complete harmony with nature. On 345 hectares in extent, i.e. (852.514 acres). Its wild serene African bush resembles similar vegetation to the Kruger National Park. For reasons? They are our neighbours, with the Sabie River as their shared natural border.

Sabie Park Reserve is naturally home to wildebeest, impala, bushbuck, giraffe, and zebra. Of late, sable antelope- have just been introduced’. Furthermore, warthog and many, many bird species. Notwithstanding being so close to the Kruger National Park, there are no ‘Carnivore’ animals within Sabie Park. Sabiepark is completely fenced in with an electrical fence. According to a fixed system. Patrolled daily to secure internal safety.

Sabie Park Treasure Trove

Sabie Park-on the right in relation to Kruger National Park.

A fantastic weekend investment opportunity!. Yes, perhaps once in one’s lifetime shall a vast chance. Such as this one, ever come along on the brink of one of the world’s most famous ‘icon’ destinations. The Kruger National Park and the ‘big five’–– will provide complete privacy and become a sanctuary for healing and meditation.

Shaded walks within the wild African bush, meandering paths, and fantastic ‘family treasure’ foliage surrounding you. Enriching the experience and inspiring the soul. Proximity to Skukuza airport ± 13 km. Kruger Park entrance gate is a 10-minute drive; the location is the key! When presentation counts, this property has it all. An inspection of this immaculate ‘treasure’ property will undoubtedly delight.


Sabie Park Getaway Home

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Sabie Park Leopard resting yet alert!   OUR CONTACT DETAILS JULIAN@WILDLIFEPROPERTY.CO.ZA +27 (0) 83 400 8490 Sabie Park Getaway Property Sales Sabie Park Property Sales | Hi, I am Julian vd Westhuizen, self-employed selling ‘Getaway residential properties’ within residential wildlife reserves in South Africa. I have a commercial banking background and a sound knowledge of the mortgage and transfer procedures. In addition, I have been active in real estate since 1994. My Company’s name is ‘Wildlife Property On The Go’. I consider myself approachable, friendly and trustworthy—most important, an ‘Authoritative Sabie Park Real Estate Agent’. In addition, I also attend property valuations within Sabie Park. Being close to nature is my passion. Similarly, I put all my heart and soul into ‘Getaway Property Sales’ within ‘wildlife reserves’ bordering the Kruger National Park. Indeed, South Africa has it all, blessed with beautiful wildlife getaway game reserves.  

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