“ARE YOU KIDDING” “ME”—”House & Land on 9038 “sqm”—for HOW MUCH?!

Sabie Park Wildlife Serenity: A well-maintained and indeed fully furnished ’family getaway home’, as per the floor plan below, within ‘Sabiepark Private Game Reserve’ in the wild African bush. This beautiful home, built in 1991, is indeed extremely well-built. Two spacious bedrooms, to be seen below on the ‘floor plan’, lead off the large central lounge area. Viewing the floorplan below on the right, we view the main bedroom en suite, which sleeps three, with a sliding door to a verandah.

1. Plus’s beautiful grey-tiled bathroom, recently modified and upgraded, has a toilet, a bath, a basin, and a shower.

2. The ‘Family/Visitors’ bedroom, as seen on the left-view of the floorplan, plus the bathroom as a norm, is used for an overflow of visitors.

3. Lastly, yet not to be seen on the floor plan, are three additional bedrooms located upstairs on the first floor.

Sabie Park Wildlife Serenity

wildlife Serenity floor plan of house
Floor Plan of the House.                                                 
Site plan of the house
Site plan of the house

Life is an adventure!

They say life is an adventure filled with wonderful experiences, and what better way to “experience” adventures than within Sabiepark Private Game Reserve? When softly “clicking” on the above site plan,” the image immediately enlarges. This enlargement discloses many vital facts that you may not have known of,’ such as’ where are my property boundaries? and exactly where on my property was my house built? without doubt, many, many other questions. To calm your nerves, a large house plan of ‘your house’ is available at the Sabiepark Administration offices should you wish to view it!

Beautiful Under Cover Lapa.
Beautiful Under Cover Lapa

Sabiepark Picnic Spot

While visiting Sabiepark, a visit to the picnic area alongside the Sabie River is unquestionably an adventure of a lifetime! An exciting location where you are with ‘Mother Nature’ on the edge of the Sabie River, with the ‘Kruger National Park’ across the river. At least one of the ‘Big Five’ is to be seen here on any given day. Nature reveals the strong and the weak here on the bank of the river. Crocodiles wait in the shadows of reeds for their opportunity to seize prey and live to fight another day.

Lastly, you will meet Organ!

The ‘guardian caretaker’ of our ‘beautiful picnic area’s name is Organ! It is here that Organ delights nature lovers with his ‘Camera Skills’, as shown here below. If you love nature and appreciate the ‘healing and strict care-taking thereof’, then Sabiepark Private Game Reserve welcomes you and your family to enjoy the beautiful nature that will surround you! What are you waiting for? Discover this beautiful, incredible holiday destiny!

Sabiepark “Rules and Regulations”

Sabie Park Reserve Picnic Entrance
Sabie Park Reserve Picnic Entrance
Sabie River serenity view towards Kruger National Park
Sabie River serenity view towards Kruger National Park
Leopard at picnic spot
Leopard at the picnic spot.

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