Sabiepark Family Getaway Dream: Have you ever had a passionate desire to spend a quality dream holiday somewhere in South Africa? Furthermore, are you looking for a great ‘escape utopia’ away from a city? Then you have just won the lottery! A magnificent vacation wildlife double-story property with natural bush surroundings in Sabiepark was just posted to be sold a few days ago! A beautiful, fully equipped leisure home that will leave you speechless!

Sabiepark Family Getaway Dream

Roadway into Sabiepark!
Roadway into Sabiepark!

A beautiful 3-bedroom getaway home. “Sabiepark Nature Reserve, in South Africa, bordering Kruger National Park! Three bedrooms and two bathrooms: Living room, Dining room, Kitchen within first-floor area, and additional bedding Sleep-out: Bath and shower facilities upstairs. Wooden balcony. Front Verandah: Splash pool in the barbeque area. Additional Facilities: Water tank: 24-hour security and cellular coverage all surrounding Sabiepark; backup electricity generator/patio; water tank/splash pool; 24-hour manned security throughout Sabiepark.

A better frontal view is not available
A better frontal view is not available!

Getaway Dream

It just doesn’t get any better than this. A ‘Lifestyle Getaway Dream’ weaves its magic spell, and your senses will awaken as never before! You will soak up many new experiences that will feed your mind, body, and soul. Take a shot left and enjoy your piece of a getaway home in a paradise with endlessly lush bush-veld privacy. Furthermore, enjoy the camaraderie that only exists between nature-loving people. Every day or night during your stay, you can relish a carefree lifestyle on a bush-veld getaway vacation. ‘Far away from the maddening crowd’. Within a green, natural getaway environment, your neighbours will be ‘zebra, kudu, and giraffe’.

Getaway Vacation Architectural house plan

Your ‘Perfect’ Getaway Vacation Property!

A beautiful, well-maintained ‘family getaway vacation’ in Sabiepark, in the wild African bush, offers more than just the norm. boasts vast open-plan living and entertainment areas. The inclusive house plan displayed below discloses a unique design style with leafy parkland views. An expert in home design hailed the following quotation: a ‘breezy, brand, quiet’, private entity with plenty of space! The installed ‘gas system’, a quality household addition to your portfolio for many pleasurable years ahead, is an innovative splendour home attribute purposefully worth mentioning. A blue-chip investment opportunity—nothing for you to do now but move in!

View of Sabiepark swimming pool

Sabie Park Nature Reserve

Lastly, Sabiepark is an exclusive, 345-hectare, proclaimed private nature reserve. It nestles against Kruger National Park on the bank of the beautiful Sabie River. It comprises 270 freehold properties. The border perimeters of this lovely ‘Sabiepark getaway vacation haven’ are fenced in for safety with a high-quality endurance electrical fence.

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