Sabiepark Wildlife Getaway Cottage Sabiepark Private Nature Reserve

Property type: Sabiepark Wildlife Getaway Home
Area (M 2)

The space

  • Land Size: 9170 M 2


  • Adequate solar system installed.
  • Beautiful geographic setting
  • Beautiful up-stair Loft Area!
  • Gas stove
  • Kitchen and family room
  • Loft bedroom sleeps two guests.
  • Magnificent Bush Views
  • Monthly levy: R 2395.00 Per Month.
  • Solar light amenities.
  • Thatch Roof Construction
  • Wooden floors on first floor


Sabiepark Wildlife Getaway Cottage | “Have you always had an intense desire to spend quality holiday time. In a “Getaway Wildlife Environment” but just couldn’t afford it?” Looking for a perfect escape from maddening city life?. This ‘Stunning’ getaway Cottage in Sabiepark has just hit the market a couple of days ago! A  beautiful home-stead that will leave you speechless – Don’t waste time, grab this opportunity with both hands!

Sabiepark Wildlife Getaway Cottage

alt="Julian vd Westhuizen Real Estate Agent wildlife property"

Hi there!, following the above said. I have just listed this beautiful “Sabiepark wildlife Getaway Cottage” within Sabiepark!

<alt="Barbecue facility Close To The Cottage">
Barbecue facility close to the Cottage.

I am pleased to have the pleasurable honour to promote this beautiful ‘wildlife getaway’ cottage home within Sabiepark Private Game Reserve. I also have the pleasure to invite you to experience some of the attractive features of this lovely ‘Getaway-Cottage’ listing in the wild. Two lovely attributes worthwhile mentioning, i.e. a ‘Solar Installation’, recently upgraded with a new set of lithium batteries, the cottage also sponsors a unique external barbecue facility. You are bound to enjoy this magnificent natural setting amongst natural rocks and wild ‘Bush Views’! Within a noticeable privacy and security environment close to the home. This property will undoubtedly compose an excitement imprint on your mind.

It Doesn’t Get Better Than This!

<alt="Giraffe in Sabiepark looking at us taking a photo">
Giraffe In Sabiepark looking at us whilst taking a photo

As this beautiful ‘wildlife getaway’ weaves its magic spell, your senses will awaken as never before!. You will soak up a host of new experiences that will feed your mind, body and soul. Take a shot left and enjoy your piece of Sabiepark Lifestyle paradise, with endless lush bush-veld privacy.Furthermore, enjoy the camaraderie that only exists between nature-loving people. Every day or night during your stay, you can relish a carefree bush-veld getaway vacation on this sizeable untouched wildlife bush-veld residential stand 9170 square meters in extent. Within this lush green natural getaway environment, your closest neighbours will be; Zebra, Kudu, Giraffe and many other wildlife species – Take note; No carnivores!. A location at its best!

Your two-bed getaway home in the ‘African Bush’!

<alt="Elephant at the Sabiepark Picnic spot slowly walking past!">
Elephant at the picnic spot slowly walking past!

A well-maintained family ‘getaway cottage’, in the wild African bush having so much to offer!. Three spacious bedrooms leading off the lounge area sharing a bathroom, toilet, washbasin and a sizeable shower. PS! a shower replaced the bath!. Furthermore, a beautiful sleeper-wood staircase leading up to the loft area. That could sleep two to three additional guests having a small ablution facility of toilet and hand washbasin.The inclusive house plan of the ‘wildlife cottage’ displayed below discloses a unique design style with leafy wildlife tree views. An expert in home design hailed the following quotation! A ‘Breezy, quiet private entity, with plenty usable space!. Two innovative modern splendour home attributes ‘purposely’ worth mentioning are the installed ‘Solar Electricity and Gas systems’. These being two quality household attributes for pleasurable years ahead. Sincerely, a blue-chip investment opportunity!


You have “Nothing to do, but move into this beautiful ‘Cottage’. This is a ‘GETAWAY HOME AWAY FROM HOME’, its not an empty shell! This lovely home comes fully furnished… plus all cutlery, crockery and cooking utensils! A matter of walk in and live your lifelong wildlife dream and aspirations in true reality!

<alt="Floor-plan of Cottage for sale in Sabiepark">
Floor-plan of Cottage for sale in Sabiepark!

Architectural Cottage Plan

<alt="view of a beautiful residential stand setting">
Location of cottage on stand!


First of all, Sabiepark is an exclusive 345 ha, proclaimed, private nature reserve. Nestled against the Kruger National Park, on the banks of the beautiful Sabie River. This gem of nature reserves comprises 270 freehold properties. As a safety measure Sabiepark border perimeters are fenced with a high-quality endurance electrical fence.

“Click on the above link to read all about the ‘onsite advantages’ of Sabiepark”!

Time To Explore The Kruger National Park

<alt="Location of Shingwedzi Rest camp">
Location of Shingwedzi Rest camp

Our Reference Shingwedzi Camp up north! 

<alt="wildlife getaway shingwedzi pool kruger national park">
Getaway Shingwedzi pool kruger national park! 

Pool Photographer

<alt="getaway cottage shingwedzi camp kruger national park">
Beautiful Impala Lily within the camp!


Contact the Agent

Getaway Wildlife Property Sales | Hi, I am Julian vd Westhuizen, self-employed as a ‘Real Estate Agent’. To clarify, selling ‘Getaway residential properties’ in residential wildlife reserves in South Africa. Importantly, I have a commercial banking background and a sound knowledge of the mortgage and transfer procedures. In addition, I have been active in real estate since 1994. My Company’s name is ‘Wildlife Property’. Above all, I consider myself approachable, friendly and trustworthy—most important, an ‘Authoritative Sabiepark Real Estate Agent’. In addition, I also attend property valuations within Sabiepark. Being close to nature is my passion. Similarly, I put all my heart and soul into ‘Getaway Property Sales’ within ‘wildlife reserves’ bordering the Kruger National Park. Indeed, South Africa has it all, blessed with beautiful wildlife getaway game reserves. Above all, Sabiepark is an exceptional individual private nature reserve ‘Icon’. In conclusion, should you cherish the same aspirations as I…

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