Sabiepark Wildlife Investment Opportunity Sabiepark Private Nature Reserve

Property type: Sabiepark Wildlife Getaway Home
Area (M 2)

The space

  • Land Size: 7330 M 2
  • :


  • Adequate solar system installed.
  • Exterior Barbecue under thatch cover!
  • Gas stove
  • Kitchen and family room
  • Loft bedroom sleeps two guests.
  • Magnificent Views
  • Open plan lounge/dining/kitchen/pantry/TV
  • Plastered interior walls
  • Thatch Roof Construction
  • Two bay carport under wooden roof slats.


Barbecue under cover close to the lounge area.

Sabiepark Wildlife Investment Opportunity – A lucrative opportunity, such as this getaway property. Often unknowingly evades many of us! For this reason – secure this opportunity with both hands! In the same vein, an inspection of this unique property will surely amaze. That is to say, to becoming your future perfect wildlife investment opportunity! To clarify, a home that ‘importantly’ meets the eye! A family lifestyle holiday home. Boasting all the I want it!—Tranquility & Privacy! Above all, three spacious bedrooms on the ground floor. Plus a loft bedroom upstairs that could sleep, two lifestyle family members or friends. Hence, this pleasant loft surprise bedding is accessible from a wooden staircase from within the lounge area.




Sabiepark Wildlife Investment Opportunity


Similarly, value-laden occupation assets such as; A large guest room adjacent to the main bedroom. Comfortably sleeps four, come family or visitors. A Spacious kitchen/dining room/intimate bar counter area. Just off the lounge/kitchen area. Above all, a lovely small personal and friendly lounge area await you. Suspiciously in the same vein- begging you, to sit down for a few minutes, or two and enjoy an ‘Investment Opportunity’.

Sabiepark Wildlife Investment


Spotted Eagle Night Owl

Most importantly, a perfect outdoor wildlife evening will delight. Family and friends, under a comfortable large covered verandah. Just off the lounge area, for those stunning, unforgettable moonlight evenings. Above all, here, you will be lending an ear to the deep sounds of the African wilderness. For this reason, it is here; you will be entertaining family and guests, by taking in a sweeping view, of the lush bush that surrounds you. Not forgetting; the hidden call, of the ‘mystic Spotted Eagle night owl’. Subconsciously, this ‘investment’ to contribute to a perfect real estate lifetime within Sabiepark.





Your mystic key-entrance!

To sincerely clarify; this Sabiepark opportunity. This beautiful homestead will become your mystic key-entrance, to the following exotic places. Ten minutes drive from within Sabiepark. To the world-famous Kruger National Park. Five minutes drive to the beautiful—Sabiepark picnic area on the banks of the Sabie River. Besides, it is here you are bound to encounter at least two. Or even, all of the notorious big five in Africa. Such as Lion, Elephant, Leopard, Rhino, and Buffalo. In conclusion; The above precautions prohibits humankind or animal from gaining entrance. Most importantly, no internal house fencing permitted within Sabiepark. So, that wildlife game can roam free. Sabiepark lies in the heart of South Africa’s prime game area. Sabie Sand Game Reserve, a world-famous wildlife holiday destination borders Sabiepark. Let alone many others edging close by with wildlife attractions; one is also able to fly-in to Skukuza airport ± thirteen kilometres from Sabiepark.

Visit the beautiful Sabiepark Picnic area on the Sabie River!

Protea Hotel Kruger On Sabie River

Sabiepark Features

Sabiepark pool, leisure and BBQ area!

Contact the Agent

Loapard resting yet alert! Getaway Wildlife Property Sales | Hi, I am Julian vd Westhuizen, self-employed as a ‘Real Estate Agent’. Selling ‘Getaway residential properties’ in residential wildlife reserves in South Africa. I have a commercial banking background and a sound knowledge of mortgage and transfer procedures. In addition, I have been active in real estate since 1994. My Company’s name is ‘Wildlife Property’. Getaway Wildlife Property Sales I consider myself approachable, friendly and trustworthy—most important, an ‘Authoritative Sabiepark Real Estate Agent’. In addition, I also attend property valuations within Sabiepark. Being close to nature is my passion. Similarly, I put all my heart and soul into ‘Getaway Sales’ within ‘wildlife reserves’ bordering the Kruger National Park. Indeed, South Africa has it all, blessed with beautiful wildlife getaway game reserves. Above all, Sabiepark is an exceptional individual private nature reserve ‘Icon’. In need of my service! Kindly Mail Me!    Sabiepark…


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