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Sabie Park Nature Reserve | This beautiful nature reserve named ‘Sabie Park’ is an exclusive 345 ha proclaimed private nature reserve. Snugly nestled against the famous Kruger National Park on its eastern border. Both sharing the natural water resources of the  famous Sabie River. This haven and gem of nature comprise 270 freehold properties of roughly one hectare each. Sabie Park is completely fenced in with a high-quality, endurance electrical fence. This much it prohibits man or animal from gaining entrance.

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<alt="Baby Elephants Bathing in the Sabie River">
Baby Elephants Bathing in the Sabie River!

Holiday homes within ‘Sabie Reserve’ are not allowed to be fenced-in. For this reason. Wildlife game roams free of any hindrance throughout the park. Of great further significance, Sabie Park geographically borders the Kruger National Park and the Sabie River. For this reason. ‘Sabie Park Management’ developed a natural geographic area into a magnificent “Wildlife Picnic Spot”. With these natural splendours in mind. For this reason, on many occasions, homeowners and their guests. Can view the proverbial “Big Five” at the picnic spot from under a shady tree and armchair, behind an electrical fence.




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Recent Image taken at picnic spot.



This ‘Nature Park’ location next to the Kruger Gate allows SAN Park’s Wild Cards members an opportunity to pop in and out of the Kruger Park at will, even if just for a half-hour sunset drive. Sabie Park Nature Reserve is one of the last strongholds of the wild. This utopia is where property owners from all corners of the world can harmonise with nature. The Eco-diversity of the area and the Sabie River ensure a unique bush experience. An unspoiled bush character is a prime motive for investing in this valuable strip of land.


                                                   AFRICA AT IT’S BEST!


This beautiful ‘Park Reserve’ is in the public eye more often. Buying a holiday home with its natural charm and wildlife character in Sabie Park has a warm authoritative welcome at the end of a weary day. The destination at the end of a long journey. A haven of peace in your daily life. It is the one place on earth where we can all be ourselves. It is home in the African bush!

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Eastern view of homestead

This reserve has an authoritative Management. To ensure that any development will conform with the spirit and blend in with nature. Should you, for an instant, buy a vacant stand, then Management is to approve your building plans. Give guidance for your design to have a pleasing appearance to the surrounding environment. They also check work to conform to standard until completion.






Sabie Park environmental plan ensures game population together with prevailing veld conditions is controlled. This ‘Reserve Park’ also provides recreational and leisure opportunities for owners of the property. Facilities include a pure salt chlorinated swimming pool, a tennis court— clubhouse, a library, and Wi-Fi facilities. There is also a small convenience store.



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