Sabie Park Private Reserve | Older generations will remember the excellent cinema series of Tarzan and Jane and their domesticated pet Chimpanzee. They live in the jungle with Tarzan swinging from tree to tree, inspiring the motto of both man and animals care-taking off the wild bush surrounding them. To simulate the above-inspired conservation of wildlife and continue to preserve and maintain them. It is crucial to provide the most favourable atmosphere and ecosystem.

Sabie Park Private Reserve

<alt="Sabiepark Swimming Pool">
Sabiepark Swimming Pool.

With the above wildlife credentials in mind, during the year 1976, Sabiepark was established. Besides living with wildlife animals, Sabiepark in-house conservation policy includes all living organisms, i.e. plants, micro-organisms living in their natural habitat in a ‘wildlife environment.’ Also to be noticed, where cultivated plants and domesticated animals are not allowed.




<alt="Sabie River Bordering Kruger National Park">
Sabie River Bordering Kruger National Park.

Sabie Park borders South Africa’s world-famous Kruger National Park (KNP) on its South-Western side. The Sabie River forms the border with the Kruger National Park, and the well-known Sabie Sands Nature Reserve locates on the Northern side. The Park is a 345-hectare ±(860 acres) bush-veld low-density exclusive game reserve with a unique composition.



<alt="Beautiful Sabiepark Private Game Reserve Residence">
Beautiful Sabiepark Private Game Reserve Residence.

Sabiepark deservedly developed 270 freehold residential properties, exclusive to nature lovers in mind within a “Wildlife Reservation Care-taking Area”. Virtually inside one of the largest game reserves in the world. Fifteen minutes drive from Skukuza and 45 minutes drive to other nearby nature reserves, such as Sabie Sands, ‘Malamala Game reserve; Both game reserves border the Kruger National Park up north from north Sabiepark. Also, not to forget the Londolozi game reserve. The word Londolozi means Protector of all living things!.

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