Sabiepark Private Nature Reserve. First of all, Sabiepark is an exclusive 345 ha, proclaimed, private nature reserve. Nestled against the Kruger National Park, on the banks of the beautiful Sabie River. This gem of nature reserves comprises 270 freehold properties. Sabiepark border perimeters are fenced, with a high-quality endurance electrical fence.

Furthermore, the fence prohibits — man or animal from gaining entrance. Noteworthy; no homes within Sabiepark are permitted to be fenced in. They are allowing wildlife within Sabiepark roaming free. Above all, Sabiepark locates within the heart of South Africa’s prime game area. As a reference, the GPS Coordinates are -24.980479, 31.480317.

Sabiepark Residential Map!


Even more, a sense of safety and openness. Aspires alongside the Sabie River!. Almost all animals act in a peculiar and exemplary manner. They come down to the Sabie River to quench their thirst. Here, you can view the ‘Big Five’ at the picnic spot at any given time during the day. At any given time, read your favoured novel in safety. Another leisure is to spend time with friends. Or family having a braai (Barbecue). An absolute highlight not to miss while visiting the picnic spot is to see the Bird Hide.’ This novelty being some 20 meters high above the Sabie River.

Portion of Sabie River at 'Picnic Spot'


Likewise, African fish-eagles are frequent sightings in this area and noted for their distinctive haunting call. — Furthermore, eagles by habit perch on tree branches overlooking the water. Once spotting fish, they swoop down to catch them with their pours and then carry them back to their roost. Also, African fish eagles are known to eat birds: monkeys and even crocodile hatchlings. Certainly, efficient predators can getaway, by spending as little as 10 minutes a day hunting.


Moreover, animal species in Sabiepark are; Kudu, Giraffe, Wildebeest. Bushbuck. Duiker, Impala, Warthogs, Baboon, and Zebra. Of late, Sable-Antelope now added. However, many other small antelope species to be found being native to Africa. Fundamental reasons for fencing Sabiepark. Carnivore’s such as Lion, Leopard are prevented from entering. However, rarely seen. For this reason, visitors are not discouraged from walking around Sabiepark. But please, be aware of the dangers that might exist.

Fish Eagle in flight after catching a fish


Finally, Sabiepark private nature reserve has authoritative control. As a result, they ensure that any development. It Conforms with the spirit and blends in with the nature reserve. Therefore, should you for instant Purchase A Vacant Stand’. Sabiepark Management approves building plans. Further, guidance and consultation for your design are given, assuring a pleasing appearance for the surrounding environment and checking work to conform to standard until completion.

Above all, an environmental plan ensures. Game control with prevailing veld conditions. Also, Sabiepark provides recreational and leisure opportunities for property owners. Facilities include a pure salt chlorinated swimming pool. Tennis court, and clubhouse. A library, TV and Wi-Fi facilities. There is also a small shop offering groceries, firewood, and gas. All kinds of other essential goods are for sale.



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